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Meet Your Soulcare Coach

Hi sweet soul,

I'm Cayla Twerdochlib, an Intuitive Healer, Guide, & Soulcare Coach. I support people who are suffering from physical, emotional and spiritual pain to help uncover the energetic root cause so you can live your life in your greatest potential.

I spent my early years feeling like there was something wrong with me, like I needed fixing -maybe you can relate- I struggled to feel a sense of belonging, causing anxiety and a lack of inner and outer joy, which in turn caused me physical ailments. My big breakthrough and healing came when I finally took my power back. Finding my inner voice allowed me to unearth and alchemically move the stuck and stagnant energy that had been buried within me for so long causing me deep discomfort and ultimately disconnection from my truth.

I started Deeply Rooted Healing to support and empower others to connect to who they truly are at the core by connecting them to their own inner knowing and voice.

I want to teach you that deep, lasting healing is not only possible but probable, using the power & wisdom of Akashic Records, Life & Body-Mind-Soul Healing, & my highly developed archive of tools and techniques.

Are you ready to reconnect with your inner power and start living your purpose so you can experience true joy and soul fulfillment? 

Let's connect sweet one


Who is this work meant for?

Those Who Are Looking to Explore:

  • Self-Healing Practices 
  • The emotional and energetic patterns behind physical symptoms, dis-ease and illness
  • Personal Transformation 
  • Strengthening ones intuition  
  • Meaning in Life and all it's experiences
  • Dream remembrance & understanding​​
  • Connect deeply to your inner wisdom 

Deeply Rooted Healing is Ideal for:

  • Life Transitions 
  • Extreme Stress
  • Life situations that confuse or disorientate you 
  • When you feel unbalanced and don't know why ​
  • When you feel a high degree of negative energy toward a situation or person​​​
  • ​During Health Crisis 
  • During Anxiety or Panic Attacks 
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