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Intuitive Soul Path Reading

Intuitive Soul Path Readings

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” — Winnie the Pooh

What are Intuitive Soul Path Readings?

Intuitive Soul Path Readings are done using the Akashic Records- an energetic archive containing the information and experiences of our collective consciousness from past, present, and future. This field has been referenced in all ancient texts.

The word Akasha comes from 2 ancient words from Tibet or Northern India. “Aka” means space and “Ša” means sky, hidden or secret. Which can be translated as secret space that contains all knowledge from the beginning of time. 

By connecting to the Wisdom of the Records, I will access your own personal database and share with you the guidance and support that will unearth the blockages that are holding you back from experiencing your greatest potential & highest timeline. The Records offers individualized guidance and tools that can be utilized to help you overcome life's challenges and fulfill your souls purpose.Through these readings we will unlock your unique energetic blueprint and reconnect you to your own greatest healer- you!

As an Intuitive Healer & Guide and Soul Care Coach I take you on a journey through the records to find the answers you have been looking for! The Akasha is a comforting & loving space that will leave you feeling connected to your body, mind, and soul on a deeper level. 

Are you ready to receive personalized support and explore what is holding you back from living your most aligned, easeful & abundant life?

I am so looking forward to working together!

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